Women’s Business Initiative

Women’s Business Initiative

Align launched the Women’s Business Initiative for Tacoma and effectuates the outcome of its work. The WBI Tacoma functions as a think tank whose mission is to create an economically favorable ecosystem to support women-owned businesses in Tacoma. WBI’s passion is to have a positive economic impact on our community while providing women with the support, through education and resources, to start and/or run successful businesses.

The WBI Tacoma is comprised of a collaborative group of leaders from diverse professional backgrounds who strive to engage others in our community to join us. We hope to serve as a model for other cities to create opportunities for women to start and grow businesses.

The Concierge process is the outcome of its work. The Concierge process is a resource for women who would like to start, grow or move their businesses to Tacoma or Pierce County. The Concierge process works as an advocate and is located in at Align’s offices and can be reached through Align’s website.

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