Business In Tacoma & Pierce County

Business In Tacoma & Pierce County

Pierce Co Business

Align assists its clients with their expansion goals locally, regionally and nationally. Recently, we have been successful with assisting clients in expanding into Tacoma and Pierce County. We have found Tacoma to be a “hidden gem.” Further, we have found that economic conditions, particularly with the $1,500 per employee living wage Tacoma tax credit, and the $275 per employee living wage Pierce County tax credit, to be very beneficial to our clients.

There are many other advantages for relocating into these communities such as:

  • Affordable cost of living for employees
  • Amazing public schools
  • World class private schools
  • An educated young workforce from local universities – UW Tacoma, University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran University
  • Better standard of living for employees who do not have to sit in hours of traffic
  • Reasonably priced real estate and work spaces

Please contact us to discuss possibilities of expansion into Tacoma or Pierce County.

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