Networking & Mentoring

Align’s Proactive Growth Program combines purposeful networking, mentoring and opportunities for relevant education.  This members-only program is geared towards exposing you to people and resources to assist you with successfully growing your business.  This program is by invitation only in order to be certain that members have similar interests and goals.

Educational Presentations

Presentations offer a motivational and entertaining perspective on fundamental issues challenging businesses. Delivering thought provoking and frank accounts of their experiences, our presenters give you the drive to develop forward-thinking ideas and strategies to build your organization and grow your company.
Educational Presentations


We connect you with individuals who can serve as mentors in a variety of industries.  As this decision is a personal choice, we develop a forum in which you are able to meet individuals who could serve as a potential mentor.  Our forums provide  an environment in which you are able to get to know one another by sharing ideas and debating strategic issues.  As a participant, you are encouraged to put forward your ideas, opinions and perspectives, creating a truly interactive experience.

Business Mentor

Think Tanks

Join a select group of peers with similar interests to tackle issues affecting your businesses. Your group will set the tone, pace and goals of your chosen topic in a professionally facilitated environment. Participant numbers are strictly limited, ensuring all have the opportunity to share their problems and solutions to commonly shared challenges. Topics for discussion are selected from member feedback received during the development of the Proactive Growth Program

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