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Align is a catalyst for businesses to successfully start and grow. We built our company on a foundation of progressive thought upon which we created a team that supports our clients and helps them achieve their goals.  We do this through consulting on strategic business decisions, developing sustainable solutions and providing leadership support. We focus on assisting women in business, but our services are available to everyone.

Working with Align will…

  • Provide cost-effective risk management
  • Create a culture of compliance while accelerating profitability
  • Increase your bottom line through strategic marketing and branding
  • Provide a team that supports you, as a business leader, every step of the way
  • Create an environment of proactive management and not reactive to unknown problems

Your support team will be from these industries:

  • Business Operations/Consulting
  • Marketing/Branding
  • Public Speaking/Pitch Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Information Technology and Security
  • Financial Services – Bookkeepers, CPAs, Strategic Tax Advisors
  • Networking – Organizations who promote women/business
  • Commercial Real Estate Co-working spaces
  • Investment – access to a variety of funding sources
Group Meeting

We have created partnerships with the following companies/organizations:

MADE Law (www.made-law.com) – a law firm specializing in legal representation for growing companies.

Align Real Estate (www.align-realestate.com) –  a real estate company specializing in representing companies in commercial real estate transactions and providing strategic financial advice.

Womens Business Initiative (www.wbisouthsound.com)- a community-based organization providing networking and educational support for women business owners.

Our partnership will allow you to…

  • Proactively manage risk
  • Secure a competitive advantage through branding and marketing
  • Save money through creating efficiencies
  • Prevent regulatory actions, lawsuits, damages awards and big pay-outs
  • Lower staffing costs while growing your organization
  • Build a dedicated, loyal team
  • Set up your business to run successfully
  • Gain access to a variety of funding sources
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