Business GROWTH

We believe in providing women who are growing businesses access to sophisticated resources that are traditionally available to large companies with big budgets. In helping women-owned business in this way, we strive to help communities effectuate economic change in a proactive manner, and develop solutions through creating collaborative relationships that help businesses grow in a way that they could not on their own.

Business Assessment

Our first step is to learn your business. We understand your goals for growth and can also help you determine what they should be. We also perform a business risk audit to identify practices that could cause your company to fail. Once we identify the risks, we create solutions and prioritize them for you.
Business Assessment​

Infrastructure Strategy​

We work with you as a team to make your business successful while engaging in best practices. We help structure effective solutions that meet your business goals and provide support. We can create and be your outsourced departments that help you run your business to achieve your growth objectives and then help you fill those positions long-term. We can establish strategic alliances that help you achieve your growth potential.


Align becomes your team that creates the stepping stones for your path to achieving your goals. It always seems the time is never “quite right” to take a risk to grow your company. We help you embark on this journey and serve as the resource to help you succeed.

Business Growth
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